In “Ya’aleh VeYavo,” the prayer recited on certain Jewish holidays, we ask God to judge us favorably. But there’s a famous saying: pray like everything depends on God, work like everything depends on us. The Jewish calendar is full of reminders about how we can partner with God to move us from the world as it is to the world as it should be. Now more than ever, we need sustenance to keep going. 

Hi. I’m Talia, an organizer, educator, and rabbi-in-training who is passionate about building spiritually rooted communities effecting social change. Join me to explore how holiday rituals, melodies, and texts can both ground and ignite us. Whether you’re a lifelong activist, a Torah newsletter enthusiast, or simply hoping to infuse your calendar with Jewish wisdom, sign up to receive seasonal reflections that speak to our contemporary experiences. Ya'aleh.

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Explore how holiday rituals, melodies, and texts can both ground and ignite us. 


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